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rudasThe Central-European Mining Development Bureau Ltd. has played an active role in the mapping of dams and caves. During the documetation, it has acquired and still acquires an unreplaceable knowledge base. After the transfer of ownership in 2015 the new owner of the Central-European Mining Development Bureau Ltd. would like to carry on with the successfel activity between 1998 and 2015 (mapping and documentation of basements and caves, holes and dams), besides it would like to organise the documnetation, drawings and maps of the former mining activity which were saved from the past with the goal of creating an up-to-date database and an integrated information service. The short term plans of the Ltd. are the detailed professional processing of the documentation owned.
The Central-European Mining Development Bureau Ltd. continously monitors the latest future oriented coal use, mining developments, and the practical technologies based on these developments. Together with the local, regional and national stakeholders it actively searches for investment opportunities, which can turn its unique knowledge base into profits through project developments. A good example for this new startegy is the aqcuiremnet of a professional ownership position in the Calamites Ltd.– and the purchase of all the documentation concerning the earlier coal mining in the Mecsek.

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