Knowledge used
in the praxis

The Central-European Mining Development Bureau Ltd. was founded in 1998. It was founded to continue the highly professional activities of its intellectual predecessor the Central Mining Institute.
The main area of activity of the Ltd. were the technical research, development, engineering activity and consultancy preliminary on the fields of mining, geotechnics and environment.
The Ltd. had acted in Hungary on a mandate basis, as engineering consulting and professional advisor for mining, underground cavities, hydrotechnical issues and dam sustainibility, while abroad, it acted as professional advisor.
The Ltd. had continously monitored the worldwide use of coal, and closely observed the solutions concerning the coal use as a raw material.
The professionals of the Ltd. are members of the Engineering Chamber,
of the Economic Society and that of the Geothermal Association.

Mining references

The most important works for mining:

  • Tatabánya XIVa design of rising shaft and water dam, technical supervising of the construction,
  • Bokod XII/a shaft backfill,
  • Salgótarján water damage avoidance,
  • Expertise on undermining for XXII.-th district municipality,
  • Budafok Reménysugár Rehabilitation Institute for the development undermining expertise, goetechnical foundation planning, planning of mining protection pillar and backfill execution of the backfill for the planned new buildings.
  • Sajókeresztur gravel and sandmine expertise on mineral ressources economies,
  • Study on the bentonite resources in Hungary,
  • Study on the stone and gravel-stone deposits in NW Roumania and about the basalt deposits near Brasov.
  • Study on perlite resources around Avasujváros in Roumania.

References underground  cavities

The most important works for the sustainabilty and construction possibility over underground cavities (cave, basement)

  • Budapest- Kőbánya, expertise on undermining of the area between Harmat and Előd streets,
  • Study on the Budapest II nd district Rózsadomb cave area,
  • Analysis of the four large caves (Ferenc-hegyi, József-hegyi, Szemlő-hegyi- és Pálvölgyi caves) of the Budapest- Rózsadomb thermalkarst area for cavities under Budapest II nd district real estates concerning their buildings and their connections to the caves. Based on the study a database for the individual real estate plots was set up showing their connections to the underground cavities with the illustration of area informatics pictures in the real estate registrary of the local municipality.
  • Expertise on caves and geotechnics for induvidulals about the construction possibilities of certain real estate plots.
  • Budapest, Kőbánya, Ihász street 28. real estate expertise on existing basements.
  • Budapest, Kőbánya, Harmat street expertise on the existing basement (map of geodesy and geology, geophysical hole searching sections, evaluation of the basements in the area on construction opportunities, indication od the necessary basement reinforcements.
  • Budapest, Budafok, Rózsakert street: expertise on existing basements in the real estate development area (determination of the walled basement sections and areas designated to backfill). Preparation of backfilling plans of the basement under building Nr 4., execution of the backfill and closing report on the works executed.
  • Budapest, Budafok and Kőbánya preparation of a digital geocadastre on the geology and basement maps with online user interface. (it can be applied in urban or rural settlements with man made or artificial underground cavitiess.)

References hydrogeology

The most important works for hydrogeology:

  • Preapartion of a well hydraulics expertise for a water bottling plant in Alap village,
  • Study on the facilities, executed on the basis of the common water management schemes of the baths around the Gellért-hegy (tunnel systems connecting the baths, slots, hotwater well shaft),
  • Hydrology study on the hot wells at the SE foot of the Gellért-hegy, their conncetion to the areas under the Danube bed, especially concerning the construction of the underground line Nr 4,
  • Hotwater geology and reservoir mechanical expertise for the use of geothermal enregy for Duna Plaza shopping mall,
  • Expertise on the water well registered as Verseg Nr 8.3/C/59,
  • Hadriánus Palace Hotel and Bath opinion on the study, preparation of proposals for medicinal water supply and deluge protection,
  • To the geothermal project Nagykorpád preparation of a hydrogeological study and closing report on the exploration,
  • On the order of the Budapest, X. th district Kőbánya municipality for the purpose of the use of geothermal energy: the preparation of the environmnetal and hydrology impact studies, permission and execution documentation of the proposed pair of wells near Sportliget,
  • On the order of the Minister of Envioronment and Water supervison and preparation of an expert’s opinion on the reconstructed deluge protection dam on the left river bank between Nagyar and Szatmárcseke.